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Macor Capital Management provides select investment services that are considered the primary levers for creating value and managing risk.



Investment Policy

A successful investment program starts with a well defined Investment Policy that reflects an investor's unique objectives and risk profile. We look at the Policy as the foundation and a tool that the trustees use to exercise their fiduciary responsibilities and ensure good governance.

The content of an Investment policy will vary among organizations and will typically cover the following topics:

  • Scope & Purpose

  • Definition of Duties, Roles & Responsibilities

  • Selection & Monitoring of Third Party Advisors

  • Investment, Return and Risk Objectives

  • Asset Mix

  • Risk Management

Investment Manager

We provide tailored Manager Searches applying quantitative and qualitative screens, and avoid being unduly influenced by the noise that occasionally appears in shorter time frames. The overarching objective is to secure a best in class Investment Manager that reflects good governance and rigorous due diligence.

Our manager evaluation process captures a variety of factors that fall into the following broad categories;

  • Organization and People

  • Investment Philosophy

  • Investment Process

  • Risk Management

  • Client Service

  • Performance

  • Fee Structure

Asset Allocation

Numerous studies and our experience indicate that Asset Allocation is the primary driver of performance and risk. There are a variety of Asset Allocation strategies available, from purely passive to more active, and we work with our clients to select an approach that meets their needs.


Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Construction is the secondary driver of performance after Asset Allocation. Where and how an organization achieves its selected exposures is as much an art as it is a science. Portfolio Construction is an area where investors can add value by being creative and giving proper consideration to how capital market exposures are achieved. 

We find that organizations that emphasize Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction in their deliberations tend to experience better results.

Performance and Risk Monitoring

We assist trustees understand the factors that drive performance and the level of risk that a manager is taking to achieve the given results. We examine how portfolios are constructed and pay particular attention to attribution analysis. We believe that while meeting a benchmark is important, the process for achieving the results is equally important.


Custody is often a neglected area of an organization’s investment program. We offer our clients cutting edge custody/trust services, including user-friendly account reporting, audited statements and compliance monitoring.

Governance and Fiduciary Review

We assist organizations develop a governance framework that reflects the objectives, investment philosophy and values of the organization. Governance is the process for making and implementing decisions. Ultimately, it is about accountability and allocating resources to meet objectives. Simply put; successful organizations practice good governance.

Tailored Education

At MCM we help our clients navigate the complexities of the market and to make well informed decisions. We provide ongoing support and guidance to help our clients meet their investment objectives.

Our clients benefit from extensive research  designed to reduce risk and increase the likelihood of success.